Curt Metheny
Real Estate Expert


Curt Metheny, Owner/Broker, was born and raised in Southern California. He began as a plumber in Laguna Beach in 1980 and has been a licensed plumbing contractor since 1983. In 1988 he got his general contractors license and started remodeling and building high end custom homes.

In 1999, Curt began spec building and developing residential and commercial real estate. He has experience in building and selling complete home and buildings. He knows all phase of building and selling real estate and is an asset to any home buyer!

Curt is a very energetic person and will stop at nothing to satisfy his clients. He considers himself a "one stop realtor." The strength and knowledge he brings to the table make you stronger when it comes time to negotiate, covering all your needs from start to finish. It is his goal for you to reach your goal with your privacy protected.